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By Lisa
September 3, 2001 - 10:55 PM

  • Canadian channel Space! has been gearing up for its own Enterprise premier by showing its own promotional videos. While they shown no actual show footage, the videos are rather amusing. The three separate promos show an anti Star Trek van moving through Toronto proclaiming about the current nasty state of the Space network. Apparently is shows too much Star Trek. The videos, in real media format, can be found here. Thanks go out to Chris Harrison for this!

  • In addition to Space, several Canadian channels will also be showing Enterprise, after the premier of the series in Canada on Space! on September 30th. Details for Canadian airdates are as follows:

    • Space! - Thursdays 8 PM
    • ASN (Atlantic Canada) - Thursday 8 PM
    • CITY-TV (Toronto) - Wednesday 8 PM
    • A Channel (Winnipeg) - Wednesday 7PM
    • The New VI (Victoria) - Wednesday 8 PM
    • CKVU (Vancouver) - Saturday 8 PM

    For more details, please check local listings or Channel Canada, as the above information may be subject to change. Thanks go gout to David Harrison for this!

  • A report on TrekWeb states that Terry Farrell (Jadzia Dax) and the supporting cast of Becker have settled their legal dispute with Paramount. "We are delighted that we were able to resolve our differences. [...] we are all thrilled to be back on stage," said Farrell. Details of the agreement have not been disclosed.

  • September marks the fifth year online for the LCARS Computer Network. To celebrate, their monthly competition offers something special. The first annual LCARSComNet Scavenger Hunt is now in full swing. Grand prize is the USS Enterprise NCC-1701-D pewter ship produced by the Franklin Mint. Five runners-up will receive an 11"x17" sketch reprint of either the Enterprise E or the Phoenix, signed by John Eaves, Senior Illustrator for Enterprise. All the details can be found over at the LCARS COM Scavenger Hunt page.

  • The Enterprise section over at Psi Phi has been officially launched. The site contains a wealth of information, on production, cast, episodes, a schedule and much much more.

  • The new poll over at UK TV magazine Radio Times asks voters for their favourite Star Trek series.

  • The September 6th 35-year anniversary of Star Trek is going to be celebrated in a special way over at Stone Trek. The fifth episode of the flash animated parody of both Star Trek and the Flintstones will be a musical video tribute to Star Trek, "Still trekkin' after 35 years," set to the 1987 song "Star Trekkiní" by The Firm." More details are available at Stone Trek.

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