Special 'Enterprise' Pilot Screenings?

By Lisa
September 3, 2001 - 7:34 PM

The premiere of Enterprise at the end of this month is going to be a big event in the lives of every Trek fan with a TV. But for some, the event might be bigger than for others - literally.

According to a report on the Dark Horizons web site, some UPN stations have been issued with advance copies of the pilot episode 'Broken Bow.' These tapes are to be exclusively used in special events.

"Paramount is giving UPN stations early releases of the pilot episode so that they can have a big-screen sneak-peek event at a local venue," said the site's source, who claimed to have ben approached by a UPN affiliate. Our local station [...] is using a movie theatre. The full 2-hour premiere will be shown to ticket-holders only for an exclusive screening - BEFORE it runs on TV!"

The source added that he had no idea how tickets for these special events could be obtained. "Probably available at sponsor's locations," he said. So far, other information on these special events, or how widespread they are, is unavailable.

The original report on this can be found at Dark Horizons. Thanks go out to Genn and Michael Kukielka for this!

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