Ryan Compares Teacher With Borg

By Caillan
September 3, 2001 - 7:06 AM

Four years in the Delta Quadrant made ex-Borg Seven part of the Voyager family - but how is her real-life alter ego Jeri Ryan adjusting to her new role as a teacher on Boston Public?

It's certainly a change for Ryan, who joins David E. Kelley's school-based series this season as former lawyer Ronnie Cooke. "Seven didn't have emotions, she stifled them, but I don't think Ronnie is going to have such qualms," she told Entertainment Weekly's Mike Flaherty.

Despite the lack of implants this time around, Ryan's character is set to stir things up in the halls of Winslow High. "She's coming from a very different background," she said. "She dresses in designer clothes, she drives a BMW, and when she wants her students to read a certain book, she sees nothing wrong with going out and buying it for them, which is something that most teachers don't have as an option."

The actress is certainly relieved to have scored another role so quickly after Voyager's end. "It's notorious for having actors get pigeonholed. Some of them don't do a lot of work after Star Trek," Ryan said. "I'm not worried about never working again."

The full article can be found here at Entertainment Weekly. Thanks to Liz Barr for this!

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