'Shapes' Promo Reveals 'Enterprise' Dialogue

By Caillan
September 3, 2001 - 6:23 AM

'Shapes' Promo - courtesy TrekNews.de, copyright Paramount Pictures

Viewers were given a small glimpse into the minds of Enterprise's 22nd century explorers in the latest UPN promo, which included further dialogue from the series.

Entitled 'Shapes,' the new trailer features Travis Mayweather and Malcolm Reed discussing exploration. "Seems like everybody's itching for a first contact," says Mayweather, illustrating the crew's enthusiasm.

The clip, set to dance music similar to other recent promos, also includes an extended look at the exotic butterfly eaters, as well as Archer and Tucker taking down a Suliban.

Courtesy of TrekNews.de, a digitised version of the 19-second promo has been posted online for download, but for those of you with limited bandwidth, here's a transcript:



[A crewmember in a spacesuit opens up a hatch.]
[Archer turns around and is jumped by an alien.]
[Crewmembers walking along a raised gangway.]
[Mayweather sitting with Reed, looking at a PADD.]
Mayweather: "Seems like everybody's itching for a first contact." 'Shapes' Promo - courtesy TrekNews.de, copyright Paramount Pictures
[Tucker rubs decontamination gel over T'Pol's body.]
[Orange flash.]


[Close-up of exotic alien woman dancing.]
[The alien woman dancing near the butterflies.]
[Shot of pudgy alien man.]
Alien Man: "Would you like to meet them?"
[Mayweather gazes at the dancers.]
[One of the exotic women catches a butterfly with her tongue.]


[A pair of large double doors opens, revealing T'Pol, Sato, Archer and a tall Klingon.]
[A large alien, probably a Klingon, picks someone up and roars.]
[Tucker and Archer, standing behind a pillar, ready their weapons.]
Tucker: "Thanks, big guy."
[They turn around and fire, hitting a Suliban.] 'Shapes' Promo - courtesy TrekNews.de, copyright Paramount Pictures
Reed: (off-screen) "I hope you don't expect everyone we run into out here..."
[Archer in the snow, firing, T'Pol crouched next to him.]
[Reed and Mayweather working together.]
Reed: (continued) "...to be hostile."
[Close-up of Sato, in a spacesuit, screaming.]


[Text: 'Enterprise']

TrekNews.de have posted a 1.2 MB Quicktime version of the trailer here. Thanks to Daniel Ršbiger, 'robshot' and Doug Wilson.

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