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'Worrywart' Keating Happy To Be Returning

By Michelle
August 3, 2004 - 9:34 PM

Star Trek: Enterprise's Dominic Keating (Malcolm Reed) admitted to being the cast worrywart and said that he did not enjoy going to work last season when he feared that the show would not be renewed, though he thought 95% of the episodes were "damn good."

Speaking to SFX Magazine (via The Great Link), Keating said that he became impressed with new showrunner Manny Coto during an argument over his lines and said that he now feels more comfortable putting more of himself into his character on the show.

Keating said he had contacted Coto to offer some "rather emphatic suggestions about changing my words" in "Similitude", only to discover that the then-new writer had put a lot of thought into why he had written the scenes as he did. "I remember Manny not being so open...I realised that this guy was no walkover," recalled the actor.

Though he always believed that the show would get a fourth season, given the need for another year for syndication rights, Keating laughed that he worried about how he would pay the mortgage on his "seven year gig house" if the show was curtailed at three seasons. "We're gonna be doing 22 episodes, which will give them 98 episodes, which I figure they figure is enough to syndicate. Which kinda leads you onto going... 'Well, y'know...That'll be that.' And I'm banking, monetarily, that that's what's gonna happen," he admitted

Less than delighted at times with the American perception of Reed as an uptight British officer, Keating noted that the writing staff was open to his suggestions and allowed him to inject a bit of humour in. And if he ever gets a sex scene with T'Pol, he joked, "I'm wearing the catsuit!"

The original excerpts from SFX Magazine Issue 121 are at The Great Link.

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