Gaming Bullets

By Lisa
August 3, 2001 - 6:18 PM

  • The Birth of the Federation Series II project launched this week, in an effort to make substantial improvements to the original game. Though not officially associated with publishers Activision, the company has given the project approval to proceed. For more details on the project and information on how you can get involved, visit the project's web site.

  • There's a new preview of the forthcoming sequel, 'Star Trek: Armada II' over at Gamespot. The three page preview includes a total of 51 game screen shots for viewing, and can be found by following this link to Gamespot.

  • Games Domain's Brett Todd offered gamer a second opinion on 'Starfleet Command: Orion Pirates this week.

    Orion Pirates leaves me with the impression that the original game still needs to be further developed. While the tactical engine remains superb and the depiction of combat in space is as tense as ever (once you get over that rather steep learning curve), there's just no spark that makes me want to actually play the game.

    For the full round-up, heqad on over to Games Domain.

  • 'Orion Pirates' was also reviewed by Mark H. Walker at Gamespy. Walker was impressed with the game, calling it "[...] a wee bit difficult, and pirates aside, the game offers little that is different from its predecessor, but for series aficionados, or those looking to become series aficionados, this is a solid piece of work." For the full review, in which the game is awarded a score of 83, follow this link to GameSpy.

  • The official 'Star Trek: Bridge Commander' site has posted another screen shot of the week. Click here to see the latest addition.

  • Mark Hill at PC Zone UK has reviewed 'Star Trek Deep Space Nine Dominion Wars.' The reviewer felt that the game suffered from too many bugs which should have delayed its release.

    The version in the UK shops is the patched one but, as a glance at the Dominion Wars online message board shows, there are still problems. Miscellaneous crashes, save games not working and AI disappearing. I experienced some of these problems, with the added nuisance that I couldn't use the keyboard to move the camera.

    For the full review head over to PC Zone.

  • 'Dominion Wars' was also reviewed by GameSpy. Reviewer Mark H. Walker awarded the game 74%, terming it a "strong effort." The full review is available at GameSpy.

  • Good news for Macintosh owners, 'Star Trek Deep Space Nine The Fallen' will soon be available for Macintosh computers. Available to pr- order now from Amazon for an August 7th release, more information ca be found on the official web site.

Thanks go out to Blue's News for most of these items.

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