Tim Russ Bullets

By Christian
August 3, 2000 - 7:55 PM

  • StarTrek.com, the official Paramount web site, has just launched a new feature in its Production News section - the actors' Most Memorable Voyager Moment. In this regular feature, the cast will be talking about their favourite moments from the show, beginning this week with Tim Russ (Tuvok), who recalls the day Robert Beltran (Chakotay) and guest star Ray Walston (Boothby) suddenly started quoting an entire Hamlet scene. Click here to read it.

  • Astronomy Magazine recently interviewed Tim Russ about, surprisingly, astronomy. From the interview, it becomes clear that Russ is very knowledgable about astronomy, more so than any of the other cast members:

    Astronomy: Do you ever observe with other members of the Voyager cast or show them your telescopes?

    Russ: Sometimes I'll bring my telescopes to the set and we've looked at stuff while we're working, usually the moon and planets. And that's it. I think one other crew member on the Voyager cast has a telescope and we've gone out on occasion as well, but not as far as the cast, no. Astronomy: So in terms of astronomical interest, yours is probably significantly greater than other people's on the staff? Russ: Yeah, in terms of hands-on hobby astronomy, I'm the only one of the crew. I think Roxanne Dawson (B'Elanna) was given a telescope as a present. She asked me how to set it up, how to use it a couple of times, but she's the only one I know of that has one. She puts it in the backyard and looks at the moon occasionally. I'm the one who has a lot of equipment and will take the trouble to go out on a winter night and set up and view. There's not very many people that do that — that want to do that — let's put it that way.

    The full interview can be found here, and also contains Russ's thoughts on how scientifically accurate Voyager is and should be.

  • Gene Alatorre sends along word that Tim Russ is supposed to call in to the Howard Stern show tomorrow, the 4th of August. Stern has been playing bits of music from the latest Tim Russ CD for a while now, and wants Russ to take part in a Celebrity Challenge with Stern's band, the Losers. Russ is supposed to call in tomorrow so we can find out if he agrees to the challenge.

  • It would appear, though, that Russ himself has already made up his mind, as his official site is saying he, together with Neil Norman and his Cosmic Orchestra, will in fact be going head-to-head with Stern's band. The site's Upcoming Appearances section lists the 21st of August as the date on which he will be taking part in the challenge. The contest will be judged on by executives of some leading record companies.

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