Gaming Bullets

By Christian
August 3, 2000 - 4:34 PM

  • Activision Inc., the games company currently in possession of the Star Trek license, has announced financial results for their first fiscal quarter of 2000, which ended on the 30th of June. Net revenues were almost level at $84.5 million, while losses increased to $5.2 million compared to a year ago. According to CEO Robert Kotick, this "performance was better than expected", and Activision's "competitive position is stronger than ever".

  • And in related news, Activision was recently cited as the #2 2 U.S. third-party independent console software publisher, and the fastest-growing U.S. console software publisher. They expect to continue this trend with titles like 'Star Trek: Invasion' for the Playstation.

  • After a long absence, Taldren's Josh 'Jinxx' Morris has updated his Starfleet Command II development diary at the Starfleet Universe, containing a status update on the game as well as info on an upcoming beta test for the game.

  • According to an article on GameSpot UK, Swedish publisher Pan Interactive will be publishing both 'DS9: The Fallen' and 'DS9: Dominion Wars' in Europe. 'The Fallen' has an October 9 release date, Dominion Wars is set for November.

  • 'Star Trek: Armada' has finally been reviewed by Lucas Pawelczyk at 3D GameForce, who awarded the game a 7/10.

  • 'Star Trek: ConQuest Online' is reviewed by Dan Simpson at the Adrenaline Vault and by Nash Werner at GamePro, who both award it 3.5 stars.

  • A bit less positive is Electric Games, which awards the game 2.5 stars.

  • The 'Deep Space Nine: The Fallen' demo is reviewed by Warzone at the 3DActionPlanet, who liked the game a lot more than he thought he would.

  • Meanwhile, the 'Voyager: Elite Force' demo is reviewed on Deeztech.
  • There is a second opinion of 'Klingon Academy' up at the Games Domain, written by David Williams. Williams says the game "does have its share of problems, but its heart is in the right place".

  • Giancarlo Varanini at Gamespot has posted a (very) short preview of 'Voyager: Elite Force', based on the game's latest build. The preview also contains 14 new screenshots.

  • And GameSpot UK has four new screenshots from Raven's Voyager game.

  • There's supposed to be an interview with Raven's Kenn Hoekstra on the Gamer's Pulse, but it isn't loading for me at the moment (nor is the rest of their site).

  • Five new 'Deep Space Nine: The Fallen' shots can be found here on Unreality.

  • Thanks go out to Blue's News and TrekWeb for some of these items!

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