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By Christian
July 3, 2005 - 8:58 PM

  • Jackie Bundy sends along word that Jeff Combs (Weyoun, Shran) is directing a production of Richard III for the Kingsmen Shakespeare Festival in Thousand Oaks, CA running weekends in July. More information can be found on

  • TrekPulse has added high-definition screencaps of both Enterprise's "In A Mirror, Darkly, Part Two" and "These Are The Voyages..."

  • On the 24th of June, former TNG and DS9 model maker and landscape designer Michael Cuneo died of a brain tumor at age 41. According to E! Insiders, he was a regular guest at numerous Trek conventions during which he would share the secrets of his craft with fans. Thanks go out to Patrick for this.

  • The New York Times recently posted an article on time travel, featuring quotes from The Physics of Star Trek writer Dr. Lawrence Krauss. Thanks go out to the Soul of Star Trek for this!

  • Battlestar Galactica actress Katee Sackhoff told Wizard Magazine that the original Trek was one of her favorite shows growing up. "I was addicted to the original Star Trek when I was growing up, because of my dad. We grew up in St. Helen, Oregon and we werenít allowed to watch a lot of TV. I donít think we even had more than three channels, so it was basically watch Dynasty with my mom, watch Star Trek with my dad, or watch the mating rituals of beavers on OPB [Oregon Public Broadcasting]. So my brother and I watched Star Trek."

  • AsianWeek reveals that Garrett Wang (Harry Kim) once said the classic film Sixteen Candles made his childhood so awful he vowed that if he ever met the actor who played Long Duk Dong, he would "kick his ass." Wang did eventually meet the actor in question, and got along quite well with him, so hopefully he won't mind too much that a sequel to Sixteen Candles is currently being considered.

  • Now available through Amazon is the Spenser for Hire movie collection DVD set, starring Avery Brooks (Benjamin Sisko).

  • The newly available Twilight Zone third-season DVD box set includes an audio commentary by Leonard Nimoy (Spock) on the episode "A Quality Of Mercy." Thanks go out to TrekWeb for this!

  • Just in time for Independence Day, Zap2It has chosen James T. Kirk as one of television's greatest heroes.

  • The DVD Times has posted a lengthy review of the Star Trek: Insurrection Collector's Edition DVD.

  • has some video footage of Mike Mignola talking about Screw-On Head, the Sci-Fi Channel series that comic book artist Mignola is developing together with former Star Trek: Voyager writer Bryan Fuller.

  • Fruit fly researchers at Washington University have named a gene that causes fruit flies to die after the Borg. Unfortunately, as another research group had already published a paper referring to the same gene by the name "Buffy," it now seems the Borg are losing out to the Vampire Slayer, according to the Monterey Herald.

  • The official site has posted its list of birthdays for July.

  • And also has its first regular Letters to the Editor article, focusing mainly on the "influence of Star Trek."

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