Star Trek Communicator Previewed

By Christian
July 4, 2002 - 3:30 AM

The upcoming issue of the Star Trek Communicator will be firmly rooted in modern Trek, a new preview of the magazine's contents revealed today.

The official Star Trek site posted an article focusing on issue 139 of the Star Trek Communicator, the magazine of the official Star Trek fan club. The new issue will be centered mostly around Enterprise and 'Nemesis,' though there are also several other retrospective looks at other parts of the franchise. Below is a full listing of what you will be able to expect in the magazine:

'Star Trek Communicator' - copyright Paramount Pictures

  • As seen above, the magazine's main feature will be a cover story dealing with Scott Bakula. In the article, the actor gives his views on how the first season turned out for his character of Jonathan Archer. ""I think what has been nice about this season, overall, is that there hasn't been a defining moment for Archer yet. It's really been a learning process for everybody. We've taken two steps forward and three steps back, and that's what the show was intending to do."

  • The Communicator also looks ahead to the next season, including executive producer Brannon Braga's thoughts on 'Shockwave, Part Two'. "We're going to hint that someone out there doesn't want to see the humans succeed in space, because it's going to eventually result in the formation of an interplanetary alliance. Take that as you will."

  • Enterprise isn't the only part of the Trek franchise covered in the magazine, in which 'Nemesis' actors Tom Hardy (Shinzon) and Ron Perlman (the Viceroy) describe the relationship between their two characters. "We met in some sort of a mining situation on the planet Remus," Perlman says. "The guy I work for [Shinzon] was a young boy when we met and it's like we are exiled in the Siberia of this dark planet. I took some sort of control over his development and evolution, and eventually he comes to power in the Romulan Empire and it's his goal to forge an alliance of sorts with the Federation."

  • Finally, other new features in the magazine include an article on the issue of continuity and Trek canon, an article commemorating the 20th anniversary of 'Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan,' and a look at Art Asylum's Trek action figures.
The new issue of the Star Trek Communicator will arrive in subscribers' mailboxes shortly. To subscribe to the magazine for a full year at 44% off, please follow this link. To find out more about the contents of the magazine, please follow this link to the official Star Trek site. This article also provides information on the new issue of the Star Trek Magazine, which includes features such as an interview with Ethan Phillips (Neelix) and a look at TNG's third season.

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