TV Guide To Reveal Enterprise Next Week

By Christian
July 3, 2001 - 10:00 PM

Over two months before the new Enterprise will be seen on TV, it will already grace the pages of next week's edition of TV Guide Magazine.

The July 14 issue of TV Guide will feature an exclusive first look at Jonathan Archer's Enterprise. In addition, the magazine will include an extensive interview with series co-creator and executive producer Rick Berman. The magazine goes on sale on newsstands on Monday the 9th of July.

The Enterprise will be shown in a large pullout collectors' poster that will feature the ship on one side and images of all 34 past TV Guide Star Trek covers on the other side. Strangely enough, the poster will apparently only be included in newsstand copies of the magazine, meaning that subscribers will have to buy another copy to obtain the poster.

In the interview with Berman, the executive producer will give information about the ship, the new crew, and the show's technology. A short excerpt was quoted in a press release from TV Guide. "The terrific thing about this for longtime fans is that they'll get to see the development of all the technological gadgetry and capabilities that have become part of the Trek mythos," Berman told TV Guide. "They'll see them in their infant, trial-and-error stages, before they end up being what we know them to be."

TV Guide has a long-standing association with the Star Trek franchise. The first photos from Voyager were also seen in TV Guide, while the series finales of the most recent Trek series all were honoured with a cover story. The writer of those stories, Michael Logan, is also responsible for this new feature.

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