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Hoshi's Come Into Her Own, Says Park

By Michelle
June 3, 2004 - 7:26 PM

"Shes become a team player and is impassioned about the mission shes on," actress Linda Park said of Hoshi Sato, her character on Star Trek: Enterprise, saying before UPN had picked up the series for a fourth season that she was ready to return or to move on to new challenges no matter what happened.

Speaking to Dreamwatch (via her official web site), Park said that her three seasons on Enterprise "have marked a really important part of my life as a human being, because I was leaving the nest in a lot of ways." Currently 25, the actress' previous credits were not extensive, and she said she felt"like I came into Star Trek as a child and that Ive come into my own in many, many, ways."

This development echoed that of her character, because Sato "had a feeling of innocence" and was plagued with doubts early on. "Now Im coming through all that to wisdom and acceptance," explained Park. "I feel able to see the blessings."

"I think that where shes come to throughout these three years has definitely been a reflection of my life of wanting to prove I belong here," she added. "I always did feel a bit like the outsider." The episode "Exile", in which an alien character reflected on Sato's solitary nature, rang true for Park as well.

Though she has felt as if, in the Xindi arc, "I dont think they quite know that to do with me," Park noted that her character's job description has changed somewhat "because were on a war mission she went from linguist to hacker." She did feel that real contributions were being made, saying, "I think Hoshi has proved herself."

Though Park was concerned at the time of the interview that the series might not return in the fall, she was philosophical about it. "I have leaned so much about being in front of a camera, being behind the camera and about the business," she said. "I'm overcoming some kind of mountain, metaphorically speaking, and coming out with a certain kind of wisdom, ready for a new adventure."

The original article is in Dreamwatch 115. It may be found at as well.

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