Gaming Bullets

By Caillan
June 3, 2001 - 11:51 AM

  • Gone Gold reported that 'Star Trek:Dominion Wars' is set to go gold within the next ten days, which means that a June release is still a possibility.

  • An interview with 'Star Trek:Armada II' artist Peter Calabria is online at Planet Star Trek:Armada. He spoke a little about the plans for Species 8472 in the game:

    They are one of the races that is much more fun to work on for me because so little has been shown on the shows. I can't go into too much detail, as I don't want to spoil anything from the game. But I think everyone will be very pleased with what the designers and I have came up with for them. They are very different in terms of gameplay and look and feel from the rest of the current races.

  • John Reeves at Section 31 has uploaded his review of the 'Elite Force' Expansion Pack. Awarding the pack 8/10, he wrote that "the Expansion Pack is a pleasing package. While the single player mode offers no real longevity, multiplayer provides Holomatch addicts with longer lasting appeal. It’s a clichéd recommendation to make, but if you liked Elite Force, chances are you’ll love the Expansion Pack." The full commentary can be found here.

  • PC Zone's Les Ellis has reviewed the 'Elite Force' Expansion Pack. "If you can name the entire crew of the Voyager and most of the episodes, then put down your model phaser and grab this with both hands," he wrote. "If, like the rest of us, you've moved on - this won't be beaming on to your hard drive upon its release." For the full review, in which the pack is given a score of 70%, head over to PC Zone.

  • has posted a walkthrough for the the 'Elite Force' Expansion Pack, including screenshots.

  • Screenshot of the week at the 'Bridge Commander' official site shows a cut-scene from the game.

  • The Bridge held a question and answer session with Parker A. Davis, Senior Producer on 'Bridge Commander.' Here's an extract from the interview:

    In Bridge Commander you control your own ship in a full 3D environment, where there is no up, down, left or right. You are the Captain, and you interact with your bridge crew and give orders from a fully immersive 3D bridge. No space combat game has ever featured a fully interactive bridge simulation. Bridge Commander is also very story driven, and our vision has been to make the player feel as though they are playing in an actual TNG episode. D.C. Fontana (one of the writers from the original series) has really helped push our scripts, and our voice over cast is truly amazing.

  • The official Decipher CCG site has posted details of the Tournament Foils for June.
Thanks to Blue's News for some of these!

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