'The Forgotten' Remembered Kindly By Critics

By Michelle
May 3, 2004 - 12:13 AM

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The first online reviews for last Wednesday night's Enterprise episode, "The Forgotten", were primarily positive, praising in particular the performances of Connor Trinneer and Jolene Blalock and the strength of the dialogue.

  • Michael Marek of The Great Link marked "The Forgotten" a four out of five, saying, "the story is about the emotional journeys of people coming to grips with painful things they have resisted." He drew an analogy between Tucker's grieving and the feelings of family and friends of people who have died in the ongoing conflict in Iraq, where "many good people, committed to their work and full of potential, have lost their lives." He thought the parallel subplots reinforced the main story with Archer persuading Degra of the necessity of stopping the attack on Earth. For more, see the full review.

  • Monkee, gave the episode a 9/10, noting that Trinneer made her cry and stating, "I'm hard-pressed to think of an example of better acting in television." She thought the character work was superb and appreciated Degra's development. The full review is at Monkee's Place.

  • "Getting all sappy over a movie or television show isn't new to me," admitted Chris of Xenoclone's 'Enterprise' Power Rankings, who was empathetic with Tucker's plight and thought Archer, T'Pol and Phlox had strong moments as well. Citing powerful dialogue and "a touching plot that crescendos at all the right moments", Chris said that episodes like this are "what a genre nerd like myself hopes for." For more, visit Xenoclone.

  • TrekWeb's O. Deus gave the episode an 8.5 rating overall, citing the continuity, the "snappy and witty dialogue" and the more credible crisis of the plasma leak, compared to "the absurdity of Degra and other Xindi council members having a complete change of heart based on some wonky temporal readings on a piece of metal." He did feel that Trip's grieving was shortchanged, as it could "have been part of an overall grieving process going on throughout the season" rather than "devoting far more time to the far less interesting story of T'Pol having a breakdown." Deus' full review is at TrekWeb.

  • Morbo at Lower Decks gave the episode a 7.5/10, calling the episode "solid" yet finding some of its major plot devices contrived, such as Archer making Tucker write a letter that might have meant more coming from the captain, and the "outdoor excursion" and Reed's injury which served primarily as action filler. Degra's credulity and Archer's long tour of the ship took away from what Morbo called "the excellent acting of Trinneer and Blalock." The full review is here.

  • Guy Gardener of TrekPulse rated the episode 3 out of 5, calling the script "cluttered" and "busy" yet praising the performances, Trinneer's in particular. The B Story, in which Archer presents the evidence of human innocence in regard to long-term plots against the Xindi, "was just for people that hadn't been paying attention." The full review is at TrekPulse.

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