'Enterprise' Novel 'Daedalus' Details

By Michelle
May 3, 2003 - 6:17 PM

Pocket Books has released images of the cover art and a synopsis of the forthcoming Enterprise novel Daedalus, to be released as a mass market paperback in October 2003.

As Psi Phi reports, the book will be written by Dave Stern, who previously penned the Enterprise novel What Price Honor?.

Daedalus begins in 2140 to witness Starfleet's preparations for the maiden voyage of its first warp 5 capable vessel. On the verge of the launch, Trip Tucker discovers a flaw in the design of Daedalus. Though Tucker's fears are put to rest, the launch of the new ship ends in catastrophe.

More than ten years later, Tucker has nearly put those events behind him when he becomes the chief engineer on Enterprise. Then a freak explosion forces him to relive the past once more.

A larger image of the cover artwork by John Vario may be found at Psi Phi, along with the original news article here.

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