Trek Stars Shine On Stage & Screen

By Caillan
May 3, 2002 - 9:18 AM

Several Star Trek alumni have been tapped to appear in prominent theatre, television, and feature film productions.

Robert Picardo (the Holodoc) will be limbering up his vocal cords once again to appear in the musical 'A Class Act,' according to Billed as a "love letter to musical theatre," 'A Class Act' is a tribute to 'A Chorus Line' lyricist Ed Kleban, played by Picardo.

Previews for the Tony-nominated musical start tonight at the Pasadena Playhouse in Pasadena, California, with the play running until June 16. For further details and ticket bookings, head over to the Pasadena Playhouse web site.

Picardo's Voyager co-star Robert Beltran (Chakotay) is currently shooting a new PBS television series in San Antonio, according to Entitled Foto-Novelas, the Twighlight Zone-like anthology series consists of several half-real, half-science fiction stories involving Hispanic characters.

In the episode 'Broken Sky,' Beltran plays Mario, a man whose mother was killed in an airplane crash when he was only a baby. His dying father begins to have visions of his deceased wife, and feels compelled to join her at the airport from where her plane departed that fateful day. To find out more, read the original article.

Although she's usually kept busy by the CBS sitcom Becker, Terry Farrell (Jadzia Dax) will play a girls' basketball coach in the TV movie 'Losing It.' Produced for the Lifetime cable network, the film is expected to premiere in July.

After shooting 'Star Trek: Nemesis' Michael Dorn (Worf) will have to jolly himself up for his next film role. The Klingon actor is set to appear in 'The Santa Clause 2,' the sequel to the 1994 Tim Allen comedy about a man who is forced to become Santa Claus.

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