Gaming Bullets

By Christian
May 3, 2000 - 8:35 PM

  • GameSpot has put up nine new screenshots from 'Voyager: Elite Force', showing off the game's multiplayer (or Holomatch, as Raven Software calls it) game.

  • Raven programmer Jake Simpson made an update to his .plan file with info on the status of a Mac version for the game. Apparently they've now got Holomatches working correctly on the iMac.

  • Craig Campanaro at GameSpot has written a preview of 'Klingon Academy', looking at the game's plotline, interface, ships and graphics.

  • GameSpot UK has put up the first screenshot of 'Star Trek: Away Team', the squad-based strategy game that was announced yesterday.

  • GameSpot UK has posted 8 new screenshots of Simon & Schuster's 'Deep Space Nine: The Fallen', also showing Worf and Kira.

  • Thanks go out to Evil Avatar, Blue, Federation HQ and TrekWeb for some of these items!

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