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Amidst 'Enterprise' Rumours, A New Fan Campaign

By Michelle
April 3, 2004 - 4:58 PM

Amidst new reports of gloom and doom for Star Trek: Enterprise, a new fan campaign is targeting UPN to "bug" the powers that be to renew the show.

"April is the cruelest month," wrote Dusty Saunders in The Rocky Mountain News, quoting poet T.S. Eliot for a column on shows considered "on the bubble" for a return next fall.

Though most of Saunders' editorial focused on shows on the larger networks, he did note that "The cast and crew of Star Trek Enterprise are awaiting a decision from UPN about another season. While the franchise helped to build the network, Enterprise's survival will depend on the network's drama development."

Paraphrasing Eliot again, he added, "This is the way the (TV) world ends. Not with a bang but with a whimper."

Meanwhile, Programming Insider Marc Berman, who has often relegated Enterprise to his "Loser's Column" of late, stated in MediaWeek that he expected the show to be cancelled.

Pointing out the continued dominance of the WB's Smallville with genre fans in the same time slot, Berman wrote, "To the fans of Enterprise wondering if the sci-fi drama will be back in 2004-05 my personal guess is no. With America's Next Top Model on board, UPN suddenly has a better foundation to work with."

Given these dire predictions, fans at The Enterprise Project have come up with a new tactic for reminding the network of their loyalty: they are asking viewers to send "an avalanche of unique postcards" featuring baby bugs to show the network that fans were paying attention to the Xindi Insectoid babies in the recent episode "Hatchery".

By "bugging" the network, the organizers hope tos how that fans of the franchise continue to love and enjoy the newest series.

The Enterprise Project plans to keep up its "bug" tactics until the show is renewed for a fourth season. The group has already raised funds to pay for an ad in The Hollywood Reporter in support of the show.

The Rocky Mountain News article is here; the MediaWeek column is here; and The Enterprise Project web site is here.

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