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Michael Dorn Talks Star Trek X

By Christian
April 3, 2001 - 8:24 PM

Though Brannon Braga's Series V talk was one of the most widely publicised events of this weekend's Grand Slam convention, perhaps equally interesting was the talk by TNG actor Michael Dorn (Worf), who spoke about the upcoming tenth Star Trek movie.

Cinescape contributor J. Rentily was present at the convention, and heard Dorn describe the movie as featuring "be lots of fighting and dying." The actor said the movie was going to be "amazing", and said they will go into production right away if there won't be a strike. If there is a strike, production will be pushed back to around October, "which is right about when I'll be out of money," Dorn joked.

Dorn did not seem to find it very likely that Jonathan Frakes (William T. Riker) would return to direct Trek X. "If anybody from the cast is going to direct the new movie, it'll be LeVar [Burton]. He's got a lot of credits now. He'll do a great job, and we can tease him mercilessly - especially Patrick."

Finally, Dorn spoke about the romantic connection between Worf and Deanna Troi that was started in 'All Good Things' but never followed up on in the movies. "There won't be a relationship between Worf and Deanna [in Trek X]. They've let go of that, even though I like it; it's like Beauty and the Beast." Dorn added that there was a rumour that Troi would marry Riker in the next film.

The original report has in fact been posted at Cinescape, though as you may have noticed, the site is currently inaccessible. We've been informed that this has nothing to do with any of the problems reportedly faced by Cinescape parent company Fandom.com, but rather is due to technical problems - Cinescape Magazine is still "very much alive". The site might continue to be temporarily down for a day or so, but will be up again after that.

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