Comments On Survival Plans

By Christian
April 3, 2001 - 5:23 PM

After a weekend of silence, today commented on its plans to preserve the company's future, which would involve closing down's online operations and looking for a buyer for the company.

"Fandom has streamlined operations and let approximately 20 people go in the Santa Monica and Virginia offices," CEO Debra Streicker-Fine wrote in an open letter on the site. "We are in the process of being acquired and these cuts were part of that effort. Creation Entertainment and Cinescape Magazines are running 'business as usual' and it is our intention to continue our agreements with our fan domains. If you have ordered merchandise from our site, please be assured that we`re continuing to ship product and that your credit card will not be charged, nor can it be legally, until your order is shipped."

On Friday, it was reported that would be selling back convention organiser Creation Entertainment to its original owners, while Cinescape would also be going up for sale (story). In addition, it was reported that six employees remained at the company to work on the company's transition, and to meet with companies interested in acquiring

The company seemed to confirm part of these reports by issuing a press release with the title 'Fandom Inc. to Spin Off Assets and Shut Down Online Operations', but strangely enough the press release itself did not actually contain any info on the company's plans to spin off assets. It did provide some more info on the company's reasons for closing down its online operations.

"For the last three months we have had productive meetings and a series of opportunities to take Fandom to the next level," Streicker-Fine explained, "but the depressed marketplace has forced many companies to close, especially affecting online companies. We expect our offline companies, Cinescape and Creation, to continue."

Speaking to the Sci-Fi Wire, a spokesman said that its Fandomains will remain accessible for the time being. "The Web sites are not going to go dark," he said. "Fan sites will remain on the Web, and Cinescape Online will continue to operate" while seeks for a potential buyer, but if none can be found, the main site will go down. In that cast, the Fandomains would seem to be on their own. "I am assuming some of those fan sites will continue to exist, especially if they are hosted elsewhere."

Meanwhile,'s Trek Fandomain, Star Trek Central, has gone into hibernation until more is known about the situation. "Now that the closure of Fandom, Inc's online operations has been announced, I'm holding off on updates at STC until I know what's going to happen," commented STC webmaster AntonyF. " I've seen this coming for a while, but am still surprised at how quickly it happened. I personally need stability in my life, and will need to re-evaluate if STC is to be part of it in the future when we know what's happening. But I, and the other fanatics, are just waiting to see what happens."

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