'Renaissance Man' Set Visit Report

By Amy
April 3, 2001 - 3:11 PM

Thanks to Dave Mason of InsideVC, more details from the shooting of the last regular Voyager episode, 'Renaissance Man' have come to light, including some more snippets of plot information.

The official site in late February released a plot summary of the episode, revealing that it would revolve around the Doctor being forced to go undercover and even impersonate members of the crew to protect the Captain. Now it turns out that in the episode Voyager will encounter a cloaked enemy fleet, hiding in the depths of space. Wether this detail pertains to the main plot or a secondary B plot is unknown.

Mason had the opportunity to see a scene relevant to that plot being shot, involving Seven of Nine and Chakotay in engineering. "Work with Harry. I want to know the source of that transmission," Chakotay orders, to be met with a dutiful "Aye sir" by Seven. Chakotay then exits, though Robert Beltran, who plays the Voyager XO, is unable to resist a minor ad-lib -"And I love you" - which sees co-star Jeri Ryan dissolve into laugher.

Mason then went on to tour some of the various Voyager sets - the Delta Flyer, Engineering and Sickbay, among others. The Delta flyer, he describes as "on the outside, it's a wood, crude shuttlecraft. On the inside, it's a complete, Buck Rogers-like vehicle -- nothing fake here: It's the complete interior of a small ship. I felt tempted to fly away."

Engineering, on the other hand, all two stories of it, "is actually bigger than it looks on TV, with many rooms branching off to its sides. The warp core," he adds, "is no cheap prop," either.

Sickbay too is three complete rooms, "each with four walls and a ceiling". There Mason got the opportunity to have a close look at the Sickbay consoles, which, on close inspection, have very little at all to do with medicine. "'I don't like green eggs and ham. I don't like them at all,' said Sam I Am" reads one, while other feature such words of wisdom as "The perfect man for a job is a woman" and "Don't tug on Superman's cape."

More on Mason's visit behind the scenes of 'Renaissance Man' can be found by following this link to Inside VC, or via their main page, by following the 'Entertainment' and 'Television' links to 'The Warp Core Really Works' . Thanks go out to the Official Jeri Lynn Ryan homepage for the head's up!

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