New Voyager Spoilers

By Christian
April 3, 2000 - 11:39 PM

Michael Iversen at the Star Trek Universe just posted the following spoilers for the final 3 regular episodes of the season, before the finale:

  • 'Muse'
    Torres and Harry crash in the Delta Flyer on an alien planet. The planet is developmentally comparable to earth in the Shakespeare period. A 'poet' finds Torres in the downed flyer (Harry punched out in an escape pod) and begins writing plays based on Voyager and the crew. Torres ends up helping him perform his last 'play', which keeps a war from breaking out on the planet because of the play. The B plot has a really rather funny bit with Tuvok snoring and sleeping in the Captains chair.

  • 'Life Line'
    This is the much talked about ep with Troi and Barclay. In one of their now monthly transmissions, Barclay sends info to the Doc that Doctor Zimmerman his creator has a terminal cellular disease, and that he will die in a couple of months. The doc convinces Janeway to let him send himself back to earth over the wire to treat his creator. His experience in the Delta Quadrant and with Borg technology gives him an edge over Earth doctors. When the doc arrives, he finds that Zimmerman wants nothing to do with him. The Mk I holodocs have been found incompetent and relegated to scrubbing plasma conduits. They are already up to the Mk 4 EMH. The two docs bump heads and fight a lot. In the end, the doc cures him and they reach an understanding. Troi, and Barclay have fairly small roles.

  • 'The Haunting of Deck 12'
    This story is mostly told as a campfire type story by Neelix to the Borg children. The power on ship goes down, and the regenerating children wake up. Neelix tells them what is happening in the form of story. Basically, while flying through a Nebula, Voyager picks up an entity which makes its way through the ships systems wreaking havoc and trying to force the crew to take it back to the nebula. The crew just thinks the ship is fraught with malfunctions due to flying through the nebula and doesn't figure out there is intelligence behind it for quite some time. In the end, they give the creature some place to live and everyone is happy.

In addition, TrekWeb is reporting that at a Star Trek convention in Sydney this weekend, Kate Mulgrew said she had just gotten a call from Paramount to fly back and film for an additional week. For most of this week, she would apparently be wearing a Borg costume, confirming the reports Janeway will be assimilated by the Borg in 'Unimatrix Zero'. Interestingly, she said this after first talking about how the Borg had lost their edge, and how Braga & Berman needed to drop the Borg storylines for a while.

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