Braga Says No To Sulu Series

By Christian
April 3, 2000 - 11:28 PM

In a report on the Sci-Fi Wire, Brannon Braga is quoted as saying "there is no plan for a Sulu series at the moment, I can say with almost certainty", responding in part to the Excelsior Campaign which is lobbying for exactly such a series.

"I really like Sulu." said Braga to the Sci-Fi Wire. "We did a Sulu episode on Voyager. Whether or not there's some sort of Sulu project, it's out of my domain. I'm not really aware of any plans to do it. I would be very surprised. There's also a 'Bring Back Kirk' campaign. Some people want to see [a] Starfleet Academy [show], some people want to see a Borg show. ... We keep an eye on these things. And there are a lot of rumors and a lot of campaigns going on. But I don't think any of them are really going to influence what we do."

In the full report, Braga does say he is sensitive to the fans' desires, as the fans "are what keep this series afloat, but as far as these campaigns go, there are so many coming from different directions ... You've got to take fan influence into account, no doubt."

Meanwhile, the Excelsior Campaign just sent out another update, reporting about their own presence at the Grand Slam convention. Apparently George Takei (Sulu) appeared on stage in front of over a thousand fans in an 'Excelsior' t-shirt, and several Original Series cast members expressed their support to the campaign.

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