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Frakes Talks 'Roswell' & 'Trek X'

By Christian
April 3, 2000 - 11:09 PM

Edward Gross at Fandom has put up an interview with Jonathan Frakes, who starred in the Next Generation as William T. Riker, and also directed the last two TNG movies. Currently he is working as co-producer on 'Roswell', the WB series which just moved to a new timeslot, away from direct competition with 'Voyager'.

In the interview, Frakes first talks about Roswell, saying he believes the schedule shift to Monday at 9:00pm will be a healthy thing for the show: "If we're going to be sci-fi, we certainly don't want to be opposite VOYAGER. If nothing else, when sci-fi fans find a show, they are passionate and loyal, so we'll take a crack at the shows on in that time period. ALLY is a different audience, but anywhere you go, Monday through Thursday, you're going to butt heads with another show with power. I think that ROSWELL is going to be one of those second-year phenomenons, where it will catch on."

After talking about the new emphasis on sci-fi elements for 'Roswell' and the great group of actors they have, Frakes moves on to his other franchise - Star Trek. He provides some interesting info on how development is going for the tenth Star Trek film, as well as for Series V: ""I think STAR TREK 10 is probably a step behind the next TV series. [...] I know that Rick Berman has a commitment to Paramount to get the next series up and running. While he's doing that, I know there have been primary meetings and discussions on 10. Certainly there are no writers on board, no director. I have a feeling it will be 2001 - maybe 2002 - before we see STAR TREK 10. The new series was supposed to have been in development by this point, but they're behind schedule."

In the full interview, Frakes also gives his opinion on what he thinks Trek X should be like - huge, heroic, and filled with action. Thanks go out to Elaine Butler for the link!

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