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Series V To Be Called 'Enterprise'?

By Christian
March 3, 2001 - 5:58 PM

Recently, Rick Berman said there was a definite possiblity that Series V would have a title not including the words 'Star Trek', leading some fans to worry that the show would not be recognisable as a Star Trek series anymore. Newly surfaced rumours suggest that those worries may have been premature, and that the next show will bear the name of the best-known starship in the world - the 'Enterprise'!

Joe Schlosser at television industry site TVinsite just posted a feature about television network UPN, where executives are currently putting the finishing touches to their Fall programming slate. According to Schlosser's sources, "UPN and Paramount Network TV are in final discussions for the next Star Trek series, Enterprise."

If true, the 'Enterprise' name could be a considerable asset for the next series. The Original Series and the Next Generation are still by far the most popular installments in the Star Trek franchise, and if Series V were to feature another Starship Enterprise they might be drawn back at least to sample the next show's pilot. Whether they will stick around after that will depend for a large part on whether or not the producers are able to make Series V live up to its predecessors.

Of course, Paramount has never officially stated that the next series will be called 'Enterprise', so the above should be taken as nothing more than an unconfirmed rumour. Until Paramount officially confirms what the next series will be about, please treat any Series V news from other sources as you would any other rumour.

Still, this news does fit in well with other rumours - already in April 2000 it was rumoured that the principal starship in the next show would be a pre-TOS Enterprise. In addition, in June 2000 it was reported that Paramount had registered domain names such as 'StarTrekEnterprise.com', which was especially unusual considering the studio owns relatively few Star Trek domain names.

Thanks go out to Maxi for pointing us to the original article at TVinsite!

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