McNeill On Set Security

By Amy
March 3, 2001 - 5:27 PM

Voyager actor Robert Duncan McNeill (Tom Paris) recently took some time out to talk to Sci-Fi Wire. The interview covers the usual topics – currently unresolved plotlines, how the series will finish and McNeill’s thoughts on wrapping the show, but also talks, interestingly enough, about security on the set.

"It's like we work for the CIA lately" he told the site, adding that at times they’re only getting the scenes as they shoot them – no doubt a new step to try to prevent more in the spate of script-leaks we’ve seen recently. And, on top of that, not only does he (still) not know how the series will ultimately pan out, he’s in the dark when it comes to a number of plotlines regarding his own character.

"I know that I got married this year on the show," he said, "and B'Elanna is pregnant, so I'm hoping we resolve that pregnancy" – but he honestly doesn’t know if we’ll ever actually see the baby born. He finds it understandingly rather irritating at times no knowing what’s going on, but finds that it also makes it somewhat exciting. "There's a lot of anticipation among the cast and crew as to what's going to happen," McNeill commented. "[They’re] getting very close to getting back to the alpha quadrant," and, because they themselves won't know what happens until shooting starts, he and his fellow cast members get to experience the same kind of anticipation felt by many a devoted Voyager fan.

To read the full interview with McNeill, where he also talks about fun on the set and temptations of other projects he's had while working on the show, follow this link.

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