'Prophecy' and 'The Void' Photos & Synopses

By Amy
February 3, 2001 - 9:02 AM

Startrek.com and UPN have both again posted new photos for the upcoming Voyager episodes, next week's 'Prophecy' and the following's 'The Void'. The official site has five photos from 'Prophecy', while UPN has three, in addition to three more from 'The Void' and a new synopsis of the latter episode. Also, Voyager's Delights has posted the TV Now Entertainment snyopses for a number of upcoming episodes. They and the UPN synopsis, plus a few of the photos, can be found below. Please note that the belwo photos are copyright of Paramount.

This image is copyright of ParamountThis image is copyright of Paramount

The Void (UPN)

This image is copyrght of ParamountIn an extraordinary diplomatic effort, Janeway creates an alliance among several aggressive alien vessels trapped together in a spacial void, able only to prey on each other for survival


A band of nomadic Klingons mistake B'Elanna's (Roxann Dawson) unborn child for their long-awaited messiah, and they resolve to follow the baby.

The Void

Capt. Janeway (Kate Mulgrew) forges a federation among several hostile ships that have been preying on each other while trapped in a void.

Workforce, Part 1

The Voyager crew labors in a work camp on a distant planet, while the Doctor (Robert Picardo) helms the ship and Janeway (Kate Mulgrew) falls for a mystery man.

Workforce, Part 2

Chakotay (Robert Beltran) must infiltrate the work camp and convince his colleagues to return to the ship; Janeway (Kate Mulgrew) must choose between true love and Voyager.

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