Ethan Phillips Q&A

By Amy
February 3, 2001 - 5:59 AM

The official site has posted the results of their recenttly announced question and answer session with Ethan Phillips, Voyager's Neelix. Phillips fields questions on a variety of topics, from wether or not he'd like to see Neelix have another love interest (sure) to his own level of culinary expertise (or lack there of). He also talks about his hardest scene to portray - which, unfortunatly, was never shown.

Hollandaise: What's the worst scene you've had to play?

EP: The most difficult was probably saying goodbye to Kes. The most difficult was a scene in the Science Lab that was never actually aired. They never really addressed Kes saying goodbye to Neelix. She left and that was it. There was very little reaction from Neelix, no highlighting of his pain. I always thought they should have tied up that arc.

Eric I.: What are you plans after Voyager wraps up this year? Thanks for all the great, memorable moments.

EP: Iím going to do a play here in Los Angeles when the show's over. I'm also going to take a little time off with my wife and maybe just travel around America for a little while.

To read the full Q&A session, please follow this link to the official site.

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