Scott Bakula Almost Leaped Again

By Christian
January 4, 2002 - 3:49 AM

If it weren't for Enterprise, what would its star have been doing now? According to Scott Bakula (Jonathan Archer), it could very well have been Quantum Leap - The Next Generation.

In an interview with British newspaper The Guardian, Bakula related how he originally got in touch with the Paramount television department. "I have a production company on the Paramount lot and about a year ago, I was talking to the studio about another [Quantum Leap] series," Bakula told Jane Garcia. "But they said, 'Let us ask you about this: what do you think about being the first captain on the first starship in the Star Trek prequel?' And I said, 'That sounds pretty great.' "

Quantum Leap, also starring Dean Stockwell, was the show that originally propelled Bakula into stardom. While many of those involved with the show have said they would like to another series or perhaps even a movie, there has been no official word on such a project. Science Fiction fandom being what it is, this of course hasn't stopped the show's fanbase from circulating rumours to the contrary - in fact, the latest Quantum Leap movie whisperings appeared on mailing lists only a few days ago.

Bakula himself has never lost touch with his Quantum Leap fanbase, and has appeared at a number of conventions for the show. But he told the Guardian he likely won't be appearing at that many Trek conventions. "Paramount imposes no obligation upon us to participate in anything outside of doing a good job here at work," he said. "I have friends who have had a great time travelling the world doing Star Trek conventions. But I've got a life full of kids and a very busy time here, so I didn't want to have to appear at five conventions a year or something like that. It's purely up to me."

Instead, Bakula said his priority was his family, which was why he was so interested in joining the Los Angeles-based Star Trek franchise. "I was looking for something I could stay in town with because of my kids. I've made some great movies up there but running to Canada every few months is taxing on your home life. To be able to find a series like this - not on location, not working till dawn every Friday night and Saturday morning - there's a certain civility to the whole thing."

For more from Bakula, including his thoughts on his production company and on what attracted him to Enterprise, please read the full article in the Guardian. Thanks go out to Aqtai for this!

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