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Trek X Scribe Interview

By Amy
January 3, 2001 - 6:31 AM

The official site, it seems, has decided to give everyone a New Year's gift, posting an interview with Trek X scribe John Logan. Logan, as it turns out, is a long-time Trek fan, as "he admits without shame that he spent most of his youthful Halloween nights seeking treats while wearing a gold Starfleet tunic" and that while "other kids went out to play Cowboys and Indians, [he] was playing Kirk and the Klingons" . He even wound up calling his mother upon getting the job to tell her that all the nights he spent begging to stay up late to watch Star Trek had payed off.

While unable to spill the beans on the complete story, Logan, as a fan himself, has provided a few tidbits to tide us over for a while. Previous rumours have alluded to an enemy for Picard to rival or even surpass Trek's great villains such as Khan, and Logan says this is what he's aiming for - "Picard needs an adversary or a foe that is up to his level. That's why James Bond should always fight Blofeld; that's his adversary. We hope this adversary will be every bit as memorable not only for who he is, but how and why he behaves as he does." The scribe also hints that "Federation races rarely seen beyond the original Star Trek series will appear in "Star Trek X," and he adds that he's sat down and watch the final story-arc of Deep Space Nine to help him keep in the franchise's continuity. He also adds that he wants "to portray the crew of the Enterprise as having lives between adventures, growing personally as well as within their relationships with each other." In the end, he calls it "a very ambitious story [that] takes some risks," concluding with "I think what I will bring to it is my love for the characters and the world of Star Trek. At age 39, to be able to sit in the captain's chair is a dream come true; my hope is that it will form every part of my writing."

To read the full interview, please follow the link to the official site.

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