Holodeck CCG Expansion Pack Coming This Month

By Caillan
December 2, 2001 - 9:17 AM

For those fans who have always wanted to play on the holodeck, Decipher is releasing a special Star Trek Customizable Card Game expansion pack just for you.

The new 131-card 'Holodeck Adventures' set will debut on December 21, according to a Decipher press release.

"This set offers players the lighter side of Star Trek seen in the holodeck episodes," said game designer Evan Lorentz. "A lot of the crew's holodeck adventures were very humorous and light-hearted in tone. We wanted to capture that sense of fun in the expansion set."

The pack includes well-known holographic scenarios such as Captain Proton and Julian Bashir's adventures as a secret agent. Many famous holo-characters will feature in the new series, including Professor Moriarty and Minuet.

Sold in 11-card booster packs, the expansion consists of 40 common cards, 40 uncommons, 50 rares, and 1 ultra-rare.

Decipher's CCG releases continue in 2002, with a 'Star Trek: The Motion Pictures' pack set to make its debut in the spring. This new set will contain cards and images from all nine Trek feature films.

The original press release can be found here.

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