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Nimoy Joined 'Trek XI' Because Of Abrams

By Christian
November 2, 2007 - 12:36 AM

Sixteen years after retiring from the role of Spock with Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country, Leonard Nimoy said the reason he chose to return to the franchise was because the script for the new Trek film manages to capture what the series was all about.

"I will be acting in a new Star Trek movie, that is going to be filmed later this year and early next year, the first acting job I have accepted in 15 or 18 years," Nimoy told the St. Louis Jewish Light. "So they need me to came back once more to play the character of Spock, in a sort of prequel to the original story."

Nimoy admitted that despite his artistic outings in other fields, it's still the role of Spock that he's best recognised for. "I am still strongly identified with it, no question about it, and there will be a surge again because of this new movie. I took the job because it is being directed by a very talented young director, J. J. Abrams, and he has writers working with him that have don e a wonderful job of capturing the essence of Star Trek. So I am happy to be back doing it. I will always be identified with Spock, no question, but I am happy to say I have been able to gain more and more acceptance of my photography."

His photography is the reason Nimoy agreed to the interview with the St. Louis Jewish Light in the first place, as he is currently promoting a new collection of black and white nude photographs of full-bodied women. Nimoy explained his interest in his current art project, saying "I am really quite pleased with the public interest in the book and the territory it deals with because there is a tremendous amount of pressure, I think, on women to try to attain a certain kind of look in our culture. For many, many women, if not most women, that look is unattainable. [...] Women are most congratulated in this country for losing weight. We hear people say 'you look wonderful, have you lost weight,' as though that is the key to looking wonderful. I think this book will open up this discussion."

For more from Nimoy on his new book, please follow this link.

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