Giacchino To Incorporate TOS Theme In New Film

By Christian
November 2, 2007 - 12:18 AM

Despite the all-new cast, at least one thing will be familiar to Star Trek fans once the eleventh movie reaches the big screen: the opening notes of the film's soundtrack.

"I think that the thing to do would be to hold on to the only thing that does speak—that says Star Trek—universally, which is the [opening theme from the original series]," the film's composer, Michael Giacchino, told the Sci-Fi Wire. "To me, that fanfare, boom, that says it all right there. [...] And this film is about everything that came before that. So, yes, I want to keep that. But everything that was done after that, it shouldn't be about that. It needs to be about these characters now and how they met and all of these things. So it's a very kind of specific place and time."

Giacchino has been working with Star Trek director J.J. Abrams since his hit ABC series Alias, and said that however the film ends up looking, there'll be something special for him to work with. "I don't know what it's going to be, so I still have that anticipation about it."

Part of Giacchino's anticipation comes from the prospect of following up on the work of established composers such as Jerry Goldsmith and James Horner, who worked on the earlier Trek films. "[It's] to think that I've got to go and stand in line with those guys. [...] You just go in scared. You just hope you do your best. It's one of those things where the film will tell me what to do."

For the original interview with Giacchino, please follow this link.

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