New 'Communicator' & 'Vanishing Point' Spoilers

By Caillan
November 2, 2002 - 9:28 AM

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Brief plot synopses for the upcoming Enterprise episodes 'The Communicator' and 'Vanishing Point' appeared online recently.

In 'The Communicator', set to air on November 13, Captain Archer and Lieutenant Reed must return to an alien planet to find a communicator left behind on an undercover mission, as the technology could unduly influence the development of the pre-warp society.

According to British science fiction magazine SFX (via the Great Link), Archer and Reed are captured by the alien authorities and the pair are sentenced to death on the suspicion of being "genetically engineered enemy spies."

Fortunately for Archer and Reed, T'Pol, Trip and Mayweather ride to the rescue with a captured Suliban ship. Using the Suliban ship's cloaking device to avoid detection, the crew rescues their captured shipmates.

'Vanishing Point', airing two weeks later on November 27, revolves around Hoshi Sato's first transporter experience. Previous rumours indicated that the episode is similar to the Next Generation outing 'The Next Phase,' as Hoshi discovers no one on Enterprise can see her after she beams back from an alien planet.

According to SFX magazine's spoilers "nearly everything which Hoshi experiences in this episode is a hallucination – she thinks that she's uncovering an alien attempt to blow up the ship after she beams up from the planet – in fact, Hoshi is merely trapped in the transporter circuits for a mere eight seconds." 'Vanishing Point' also features the first use of the term "beaming" on Enterprise.

Please note these details have not yet been confirmed by Paramount Pictures and until then you should treat them as you would any other rumour. The original reports can be found here and here at the Great Link.

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