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Fuller: Janeway/Seven Better Than Kirk/Spock

By Caillan
November 2, 2002 - 9:26 AM

The edgy relationship between Janeway and Seven of Nine on Star Trek: Voyager was "much more interesting" than the Kirk/Spock dynamic, former Trek scribe Bryan Fuller said recently.

"For me, the dynamic between Janeway and Seven of Nine was (and I know I'll get knocked in the head for this) much deeper and much more interesting than the friendship between Spock and Kirk," Fuller told Steve Krutzler at TrekWeb. "Spock and Kirk are fantastic characters but their friendship was never the powder keg that existed between Janeway and Seven."

The writer, who penned numerous Voyager episodes, including 'Barge of the Dead,' 'Mortal Coil' and 'Friendship One,' cited season four's 'Prey' as one of the best examples of the energy in the Janeway/Seven relationship. "Seven was always disobeying orders to do what she felt was best for any given situation. She couldn't care less about diplomacy or the prime directive, and that made her the perfect foil for Janeway."

Fuller also said he believes the show's best installments centred around the characters who came to be Voyager's 'big three' - Janeway, Seven, and the Doctor. "I think the show's ultimate legacy would be the uneasy relationship between Janeway and Seven of Nine and The Doctor. The best episodes of the series always somehow revolved around one of those three characters."

While some fans have criticised Janeway's characterisation, Fuller said the captain's flaws prevented her from becoming a flat one-note character. "I think Janeway's uneven and erratic characterization is what made her real. People are not even-tempered. People are not always stable, especially when they're cut off from the chain of command. Kate Mulgrew gave Janeway a sense of danger and unpredictability. I loved that about her. You never knew when this lady was going to go ballistic on your ass so you better not screw with her and that's that. She was a loose cannon and I wouldn't have it any other way. I think it's unfortunate that fans missed out on one of the most interesting attributes of her character and felt it was a flaw."

The full interview, in which Fuller also talked about his current projects - NBC's 'Carrie' telefilm and a Showtime pilot - can be found here at TrekWeb.

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