'Breaking The Ice' Trailer Online

By Caillan
November 2, 2001 - 4:27 AM

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'Breaking The Ice' photo - courtesy StarTrek.com, copyright Paramount Pictures

The promo for next week's Enterprise episode, entitled 'Breaking The Ice', has been posted online.

In the episode, Archer must attempt to rescue two of his crew from a comet, while Trip discovers that T'Pol has been transmitting secret messages to a Vulcan ship.

The digitized version of the trailer is available courtesy of StarTrek.com. For those of you with slower connections, here's a transcript:

[A comet travelling through space.]
[Text: 'Prepare To Go']
[Archer on the bridge.]
Archer: "Take us closer, Ensign."
[Text: 'Where No Man']
T'Pol: (off-screen) "Out of direct sunlight..."
[Enterprise passes over the comet.]
[T'Pol and Tucker on the bridge.]
T'Pol: "...the surface ice will be more stable."
[Text: 'Has Set Foot Before']
[Archer in the situation room.]
Archer: "You up for a little comet walk?"
[Reed and Mayweather exchange glances.]
[Mayweather and Reed on the comet in spacesuits - an explosion in the background.]
[The two men turn and look behind them.]
[A crushing sound is heard, and Reed and Mayweather halt.]
Reed:"What's that?"
[Aerial shot of the two officers as part of the comet's surface gives way.]
[One of the officers falls into the opening.]


[Text: 'Enterprise']

'Breaking The Ice' photo - courtesy StarTrek.com, copyright Paramount Pictures Four new photos from 'Breaking The Ice' have also been posted at the official site, including the one seen to the right.

The 1.0 MB Quicktime trailer can be downloaded here at the official site. 2.3 MB and 2.8 MB Quicktime versions are also available from Outpost 6.

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