Julia Houston's Top 10

By Amy
November 2, 2000 - 10:13 AM

Julia Houston, About.com's Star Trek Guide, has updated her site with the latest edition of her weekly feature column. This week is a bit of a break from the usual article type, looking at the number one Star Trek sites in various categories, or, at least, her top ten sites, disregarding her own, of course.

A while ago, I was in the habit of occasionally recommending Star Trek "gems." But with so many sites out there of increasing quality, it's time to make some hard choices.

So I'll be awarding the best Star Trek sites on the Internet now with the incredibly coveted (What are you looking at?) About award of "Best of the Net," which is given to the best site in its category.

I'm starting with just these ten sites, all of which seem to me obvious choices. However, I have many categories now with no "best of" yet, so if any readers have any sites they would like to recommend for a Best of the Net Award, let me know.

First, though, I want to say that anyone who goes to the trouble to put up a site with original content just to share a personal interest earns admiration for their effort. Kudos to all the sites out there!

For the full run-down, and Julia's persona favorites, click here. You can also read what she says there about us. ;)

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