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'Impulse' and 'Exile' Reveal Dangers of Expanse

By Michelle
October 2, 2003 - 6:00 PM

Detailed synopses of the upcoming Star Trek: Enterprise episodes "Impulse" and "Exile" reveal more of the hazards of life in the Expanse.

The spoilers appeared in the British magazine SFX and are summarized at The Great Link.

In "Impulse", which airs on October 8th, Enterprise receives a distress call from a Vulcan ship on which T'Pol once served. The ship is caught in an asteroid field riddled with anomalies that have made the Vulcans become deranged, and when she boards the vessel, T'Pol begins to share their symptoms.

While Archer and his away team are trapped aboard the Vulcan vessel, a shuttlepod attempts to retrieve Trellium-D from the asteroids but is damaged. Phlox discovers that it is the Trellium-D, not the anomalies, which has caused neural damage to the Vulcans. He cannot help the Vulcans on the ship but he can still save T'Pol. Archer leads an escape, but once back on Enterprise he tells Tucker that their work retrieving the Trellium-D has been for naught; they cannot keep it on board.

"Exile" begins with an alien contacting Sato telepathically, promising help in tracking the Xindi. Tarquin promises that if Sato will stay with him, he will use his powers to study the weapon the Xindi are building.

Enterprise leaves Sato and heads in search of another of the spheres that seem to cause the anomalies in the Expanse. While Tucker leads a team to try to learn whether the anomalies are the purpose or a by-product of the spheres' activity, Sato discovers that Tarquin has been forced into exile by others of his kind who distrust telepathy, and that he plans to try to make her stay with him.

When Enterprise returns, Sato threatens to destroy Tarquin's device for communicating with others beyond his world. Tarquin agrees to let her go, and warns Archer that the Xindi will test their new weapon within the next month.

"Impulse" airs next week; "Exile" will be broadcast on October 15th.

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