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Trek X Coming 2002, Not 2003

By Christian
October 2, 2001 - 9:21 PM

When a release date of 2003 was announced for 'Star Trek: Nemesis,' speculation ran wild as to the cause: was this a strategic plot to avoid 'Star Wars' competition or were grand CGI masterpieces planned? Today the reason was revealed to be far less romantic: a simple typo.

According to UpcomingMovies.com, Paramount confirmed to the site that the 2003 release date was incorrect, and that the studio was instead aiming for a release in the 2002 Holiday season. This would place it four years after 'Star Trek: Insurrection,' which debuted in late 1998.

With an intended release of late 2002, this will still give Paramount more time to finish 'Nemesis,' which starts shooting on the 28th of November. Previous films, such as 'Insurrection,' didn't start filming until early in the year in which they were released.

The actual start of shooting is still nearly two months away, but John Logan's script for 'Nemesis' was reportedly already completed several months ago, and has indeed already been widely circulated through the internet. Today another analysis of the script appeared online.

"I liked Nemesis, I really did," wrote Julius Funkenstein at JoBlo's Movie Emporium, but then went on to add that wasn't necessarily enough. "It just doesn't make a good number 10, it doesn't make a good exit for the Next Generation cast, but most of all, it doesn't make a good Star Trek film. The formula they are working with here, just doesn't seem big enough. This script looks more like a kick ass episode of The Next Generation then it does a film."

Following a plot synopsis, Funkenstein went on to note several other problems with the script. "A lot of the Next Generation cast is VERY out of character in this script - not knowing certain things that they should, knowing things they shouldn't, and saying things that are extremely [odd]," said Funkenstein, who also felt many of the cast simply wasn't used enough. "Worf is mainly there for comic relief in the beginning. Dr. Beverly Crusher is just there to tell us that Shinzon is Picard, and Geordi is, well, not really there. And where is Barclay?!!?!"

Despite all this, the final verdict from Funkenstein was positive, as he awarded it a rating of 8.5 out of 10. "Once again, I dug 'Nemesis.' Hopefully, a rewrite will be done to iron out the negatives in an otherwise great script - perhaps throw in Barclay?" Click here for the full review.

Thanks go out to TrekWeb and Dark Horizons for this, respectively.

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