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Mulgrew On Trek X Janeway Rumours

By Lisa
October 2, 2001 - 9:41 AM

Rumours have been abounding online that point to a cameo appearance in the next Star Trek feature film by Voyager's Captain Janeway, played by Kate Mulgrew. In a recent interview, the actress gave her reaction to the rumours.

"I know nothing about it," the actress protested to SFX Magazine at a convention in the UK earlier in the Summer. This despite several reviews of the 'Star Trek X: Nemesis' script which mention the appearance by Janeway, and a confirmation that same day by another guest at the convention.

"Rumours abound, don't they?" Mulgrew added with a sly smile, and then laid down a subtle hint. "The internet is always right! It's ahead of everybody else! Lots of times that's happened to me. Somebody says 'Did you hear this on the internet?' Absolutely not. Bingo a week or two later it comes to fruition."

"Do I kill Picard or is it a cameo?" she asked, and was told it was a cameo. "Well, it would only take a minute!"

The actress also reacted to criticism of Voyager by Chakotay actor Robert Beltran. "Is he being naughty?," she asked. "Is he trashing it? Well of course I've known about this. Terrible waste of energy."

"I have great respect for Robert Beltran. But I think it's sour grapes. It begs the question of his personal well being don't you think? It seems to reveal a kind of insecurity. But I personally don't understand it. He's better than that. And I saw his Hamlet."

The full interview with Kate Mulgrew, in which she also talks about the perils of signing autographs for hours on end and backache, appears in the October issue of SFX Magazine. A transcript of the article is available thanks to Totally Kate.

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