Season Seven Spoilers

By Christian
October 2, 2000 - 11:30 PM

Steve Krutzler at TrekWeb has posted some new information on several of the episodes in Voyager's seventh season:

  • 'Inner Child' may have been renamed 'Lineage', while 'The Command', in which Harry Kim is offered the chance to command an alien vessel, is now in fact the new episode 'Nightingale'.

  • In an upcoming story, Seven of Nine will develop a 'strange connection' with an alien criminal. In another episode, Tuvok will have a short-lived contact with his daughter, helping her solve a crime. And finally, a comedy episode might feature Voyager masquerading in a strange space-travelling circus.

  • 'Descendants' is the name of the episode featuring a Klingon generational ship.

  • 'Temple' is this year's holodeck story, in which Tom Paris' latest hologram (perhaps the 20th Century cinema program) poses serious logical quandaries for Tuvok.
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