Brannon Braga on Series Opener

By Amy
October 2, 2000 - 3:36 PM

In Fandom's latest editorial, Anna L. Kaplan posts the final half of the interview with Brannon Braga, this time focusing almost exclusively on the season premiere episodes, 'Unimatrix Zero'. Aside from almost completely dashing my hopes of a Doc/Seven romance, there's a brief re-hash of the first part and some talk of the comparisons between U0 and episodes such as TNG's 'Best of Both Worlds'.

"I think it's better than 'Part I,' which is atypical. Usually, the first parts of these things are a little crisper than 'Part II.' We had some problems with 'Part I' that we were able to fix with 'Part II.' We weren't entirely pleased with the look of Unimatrix Zero in the forest. The walking around looked a little dopey, and so we gave them better things to do in 'Part II.' When you see Unimatrix Zero in 'Part I,' the people just kind of wander around, and you wonder what they do. Do they just talk? Do they play Parcheesi? But when you have a goal for these people, a common goal, which is to fight off Borg drones who keep invading your cyberspace, then can take up weapons, and build shelters, and bunkers, set traps. It was a great improvement. So we fixed little things."

The full second half of the interview can be found here.

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