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Mack On 'Destiny'

By T'Bonz
September 2, 2008 - 10:23 PM

Star Trek: Destiny will involve characters from three twenty-fourth century Star Trek televised series, Titan, New Frontier, Corps of Engineers, Klingon Empire and oh yeah, the Borg!

Star Trek author David Mack spoke recently with regarding the forthcoming Star Trek: Destiny book trilogy. According to Mack,the idea of Borg inclusion in Star Trek: Destiny was his. "...I was the one who suggested that the big crossover event should deal with the Borg," said Mack, "and it was my editors who recoiled and said, 'Not again! We just did two books dealing with the Borg!' When I first sat down in November 2006 to discuss the project with Margaret Clark and Marco Palmieri, all they had figured out so far was that they wanted a big crossover trilogy event for the end of 2008, and they had an image in the book Ships of the Line that served as the inspiration."

Although Star Trek: Destiny is a crossover series, the storytelling will be straightforward with no gimmicks. "I guess what I can tell you at this point is what you will not find in 'Star Trek Destiny'," said Mack. "No absurdly old characters from a previous century still kicking around to show our current cast how to do things 'old school.' No dividing the storyline into one crew per book, with some kind of hand-off at the end of books one and two. Nobody stepping through a door from the past to join our 24th-century heroes. No one awakens from suspended animation. No characters killed on screen or in print will be resurrected in 'Star Trek Destiny.'"

Mack went on to explain the writing process for writing Star Trek: Destiny. "It started with a grueling, six-month story development process," he explained. "My editors and I argued back and forth through multiple revisions of the trilogy concept, and we traveled down a few dead ends before we hit upon a story that we all liked. We then pitched it to Paula Block, the longtime licensing executive in charge of 'Star Trek' books and products. She had no changes but one question: 'Are you sure you really want to do this?' My editors answered in the affirmative, and I went to work on the first manuscript during the summer of 2007."

Following Star Trek: Destiny, other Star Trek authors will follow up on the events from the series. Mack explained that the process of writing Star Trek novels resembles working on a television series. "In many ways, we have begun treating the writing of 'Star Trek' novels like running a writers' room on a television series," he said, "with the editors serving as showrunners and each of us doing our part to tell the individual stories while safeguarding the continuity and narrative cohesion of the franchise as a whole."

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