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'Star Trek XI' Has Plenty Of Gadgets

By T'Bonz
September 2, 2008 - 8:37 PM

While plot details from Star Trek XI are zealously guarded, J.J. Abrams and company will freely discuss the Star Trek XI technology.

As reported by MTV, Abrams and company are still keeping mum about plot or character details. When asked about moments with the mothers of Kirk and Spock, Abrams said, "The what? What flashbacks? I never said flashbacks. Writer/Producer Alex Kurtzman echoed Abrams comments. "We didn't say there were flashbacks."

They were willing to discuss gadgets though. "We intentionally don't talk too much about the story," said Producer Bryan Burk, "but there's all the gadgets you could want. No replicators," (replicators originated in Star Trek: The Next Generation), "but thereís warp speed and transporter beams and tricorders and communicators and everything you could want. All the gadgets."

While the futuristic technology is interesting to fans, to the characters in the show, it's just something ordinary and usual. "It's one thing in 'Star Trek' to get all excited and freak out about communicators, but to them, it's like it's the new iPhone," said Abrams. "These are just the tool they're using."

The film is made for the fans who are interested in futuristic technology however, so proper attention is paid to creating the gadgets and getting it right. "We have family members who would disown us if we got any of those wrong," said Writer/Producer Roberto Orci. According to Abrams, "The writerís team had 'endless discussions' about how to portray the gadgets, as well as all the other details of 'style' and 'aesthetics.' If you do the bridge of the Enterprise, what does it look like? Does Uhura has the piece in her, or does she not? And if she does, what does it look like? If they have tricorders, what do they look like? Phasers, how do you go from stun to kill, and does anything happen? What does the whole fleet look like? Iím telling you, every day, we were figuring this out, how do we take what we know and love and 'Star Trek' and apply it to a modern audience."

Some of the technology will be hidden as "Easter eggs." "There will be appearances of things," said Burk.

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