'Generations' SE DVD Release Delayed

By Michelle
September 2, 2004 - 8:17 PM

Due to a packaging error, Paramount has announced a disc recall on the Star Trek: Generations special edition scheduled to be released next Tuesday.

DVD Answers reported that the back cover of the DVD set stated that the Star Trek: Generations trailers would be included in the two-disc package, but Paramount was unable to obtain the clearances necessary to include the trailers.

"As far as we're aware, nothing else is going to be changed (and that includes the numerous transfer issues that have been raised in online reviews)," noted the item. Some early, largely positive reviews are available here at TrekToday.

No new release date has yet been published by Paramount, but DVD Answers claimed that the set is not expected to be delayed for very long, "so hold off on paying a stupidly high price on Ebay!"

The original item is here. Despite the delay, the Generations SE may be pre-ordered from Amazon.com, which will ship it when it arrives.

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