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Trinneer Talks Trip's 'Unexpected' Experience

By Caillan
September 2, 2001 - 9:17 AM

Charlie 'Trip' Tucker - courtesy StarTrek.com, copyright Paramount Pictures

Talk about going where no man has gone before. In Enterprise's third regular episode, Chief Engineer Charlie 'Trip' Tucker will not only get pregnant, but he'll also start growing nipples on his arm!

"I don't know how much I'm allowed to tell you," Tucker's real life alter-ego Connor Trinneer told Entertainment Weekly (via TrekWeb). "I get pregnant, but it's not like I get impregnated. It's an accident. This alien and I put our hands in this granule things and read each other's minds and the next thing you know I've got nipples coming out of my arm."

Trip's 'enhancements' allowed makeup maestro Michael Westmore to really get his teeth into things. "They're made out of gelatin, like the stuff you buy in the supermarket, which has more luminosity than rubber or latex," he said, describing the nipples. "You could actually eat these things if you wanted to."

As previously reported, Tucker unwittingly becomes pregnant when he goes to the aid of some stranded aliens. When the Enterprise crew try to track them down, they find the aliens hiding in the slipstream of a Klingon ship, leading to a volatile situation. Enterprise executive producer Rick Berman recently described 'Unexpected' as "very funny" (story).

Further extracts from the Entertainment Weekly article can be found here at TrekWeb. To read the full report, pick up the latest issue of the magazine, out now.

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