TV Land, G4 Keep Original Series Grooving

By Michelle
August 2, 2006 - 9:23 PM

The original Star Trek will soon debut on TV Land, a Viacom-owned cable channel whose programming primarily consists of reruns of television shows from the past fifty years.

"Captain Kirk and crew go on a whole new voyage as they make their debut on TV Land," declared a community manager at the TV Land Boardroom, which announced a Friday, September 8th premiere date. The network will air three consecutive episodes beginning at 8 p.m.: "The Man Trap", "The Trouble with Tribbles" and "Plato’s Stepchildren".

Star Trek will join TV Land's regular lineup later in the fall, though it remains on the G4 cable network as well. Star Trek 2.0 continues to offer interactive episodes of the original series, with statistics, trivia, scrolling chat and a "Spock Market" in which viewers can participate in virtual trading of shares of characters and story elements.

G4's Attack of the Show this week will welcome guest panelists Kevin Rubio of Troops and Mark A. Altman of Free Enterprise to answer the decades-old question: Which is better, Star Wars or Star Trek? "We're talking Borg Cube VS Death Star, The Force VS the Q Continuum, and maybe even Ewoks VS Enterprise," wrote G4's Sean Jordan. "The show has a few other treats sprinked throughout the live hour-long broadcast that will be a kick for fans of both Star Wars and Star Trek."

Attack of the Show airs live at 7 p.m. Eastern Time and repeats into the following morning. The panel on the franchises airs tonight, Wednesday, August 2nd.

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