Gaming Bullets

By Caillan
July 2, 2001 - 10:13 AM

  • 3D Games Zone has posted a review of the latest gaming release, 'Dominion Wars.' However, the site wasn't too positive about the game, stating that "problems, bugs and bad design choices are all over the place." Here's an extract from the review:

    So what can you say about Dominion Wars? It sure isn't nearly worth the full retail price it's selling for. The entire feel of the game gives the impression that it would have needed another 2 or 3 months of development to really flesh it out. [...] Even so, I did find myself liking to play the game, which is something unusual for an unfinished product. If you happen to find Dominion Wars in the bargain bin in a few months or so, you might want to give it a try. A general interest in Star Trek might help, too.

    In the full review, the game is awarded 6/10.

  • has also been updated with a review of the game. Grading it a D minus, the review begins with the heading "Do not buy this game." According to the review, the interface was particularly difficult to master. "Someday a team of scientists will create an easy to use interface for a Starfleet strategic simulation," the review said. "Until then I have this suggestion--have menus labelled with WORDS, not cryptic pictures. If there are too many commands, put the most important ones at the top level, and use javascript (remember javascript?) to make a second level of them, like the Start menu-->Program schemes." Click here for the full analysis.

  • Concurring with the mediocrity of 'Dominion Wars' is Game Spot's Bruce Geryk. Here's a quote from his review:

    Dominion Wars does a nice job of capturing the feel of the Deep Space Nine universe, and the show's fans will find a lot to like about it as a result. But gamers who are interested in a general space strategy game might find the strategy elements a bit thin. If you're a big fan of Deep Space Nine and just want to fight for the future of Alpha Quadrant, and you also have some patience with potential technical problems, Dominion Wars is worthwhile. But if you want a comprehensive space combat strategy game, you should look elsewhere.

    In the complete review, the game is awarded 6/10.

  • Somewhat more positive is the 'Dominion Wars' review at Art of War. "The game is fun to play for Trekkies, but other people with a less obsessive love for Deep Space Nine will definitely have a hard time understanding the storyline. Dominion Wars, just as Elite Force, shows that Star Trek games do not necessarily have to be associated with dull games," it said. "As mentioned before Dominion Wars heavily emphasises on combat and strategy and I think that this will help true RTS fans to overcome the storyline barrier." Click here for the full review.

  • A new review of the 'Elite Force' Expansion Pack has been posted at 3D Games Zone. Awarding it 6.5/10, the reviewer wrote "that the expansion pack isn't that thrilling. I would recommend it only to the hardcore Trek crowd who feel they must walk around Voyager, even if in a limited way, and to those who are really heavy into the multiplayer part of the game." The full review can be found here.

    Thanks to Blue's News for some of these!

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