Braga: New Arc Not Just About War

By Caillan
June 2, 2003 - 5:21 AM

Enterprise's new story arc has "striking" parallels to contemporary events, but season three won't be exclusively devoted to war, executive producer Brannon Braga said recently.

"There can be no doubt that there are parallels to what's going on," Braga told Kate O'Hare at Zap2it. "Of course, it's probably seeped into our consciousness. The parallels are striking. We talk about preemptive strikes on this show. The first attack on Earth is kind of Star Trek's 9/11, I guess. And we're trying to stop the next one."

Season three will reveal more information about the Xindi, the alien species which attacked Earth in the second season finale, "The Expanse". Braga said Enterprise will not be afraid to tackle the big questions in dramatising the conflict.

"But as it goes on, we don't want to just turn this into a show about war. We want to start digging into a lot of things about, who is this species? Why did they attack us? Why did we attack them, which prompted them to do this preemptive strike? Will we find a peaceful solution for this?"

The producer added, "Ultimately, this is about finding a better way, so we're not just doing a show where we're blasting aliens out of the sky every week. We want to evolve a storyline that gets very complicated and deals with all the issues surrounding current events."

Although new Star Trek television episodes have been produced continuously since 1987, Braga said it's important the writers don't rest on their laurels. "It's not as though some higher force has decreed that Star Trek will be on the air, forever. You can't take that for granted. I'll tell you right now, if you don't keep evolving the show, trying new things, and showing that Star Trek is still relevant, Star Trek could go away."

The full interview, in which Braga also talked about plans for Archer, T'Pol and Trip next season, can be found here at Zap2it. Thanks to 'Miri' for this!

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