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By Lisa
June 2, 2001 - 11:56 AM

  • Monkee has put up her review of 'Endgame' with a special section devoted to the episode at her site. You can access the 'Endgame' page here, which included 'The top five reasons why C/7 was a BAD idea' and the full review. Monkee awarded the episode 8 out of ten. Kate Mulgrew's performance however, earned special praise and an 11 out of 10 rating.

  • This Wednesday's overnight ratings show a very respectable figure for UPN's repeat showings of Voyager's 'Imperfection' and 'Shattered.' 'Imperfection' scored a 2.6 rating and a share of 4, while 'Shattered' managed a 3.0 rating and a share of 5. More information on the Wednesday night ratings can be found here at Zap2it.

  • The ASC Archiver, the single largest collection of fan fiction online was updated with new stories last weekend. To see the full list of stories added, please follow this link.

  • The National Review web site has put up its review of last week's 'Endgame.' The site wasn't impressed by the finale saying:

    For the first time in over a decade there is no first-run Star Trek series on TV. I never thought I would say this but…that's good news. The final episode of Star Trek Voyager, which aired last week, was a perfect example of how far Trek has wandered from it's original sci-fi goodness.

    For the full analysis, follow this link to National Review.

  • Totally Kate! has posted a page of new photos of taken at the Voyager wrap party. To see the pictures, please follow this link to Totally Kate!

  • David E. Sluss also reviews 'Endgame.' The Cynic described the episode as "A big 'Up yours' card from Voyager's staff to Voyager's viewers." For the full analysis, in which the episode is awarded a 5.0 rating, head over to the Cynic's Corner.

  • The Official Jeri Ryan web site is reporting that the Borg Collective Convention at which Jeri was scheduled to appear on June 30 has been cancelled.For more information on this event, check out the Make It So Productions web site.

  • The cover art for the next Voyager video release is online now at To view details of volume 7.5 which combines 'Flesh and Blood, Parts one and Two,' including the cover art, click here.

  • Jacqueline Bundy has posted a retrospective look at seven seasons of Star Trek: Voyager at the Trekker Newsletter. She commented:

    Voyager may not have been able to approach the enormously successful ratings of TNG, or the critical acclaim of DS9. But as Oscar Wilde said, "comparisons are odious"

    To read her full article, head over here to the Trekker Newsletter.

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